50 Must Have Features for Small Business Websites [Infographic]


Must Have Features for Small Business Websites

What a great list of the 50 Must Have Features for Small Business Websites. I found this on Entrepreneur.com and had to share. I know that I’m going to be using it as a handy checklist when I’m building small business websites for my clients. Here is the original article by CARLY OKYLE. I especially like the focus on getting results that all of these tips seem to promote.

Websites are a necessity for businesses of all sizes today — though, surprisingly almost half of small businesses don’t have websites. Still, there are so many design options to choose from and so many websites that it can be tough to know how to stand out.

Beyond layout and color scheme, there are a lot of features that are paramount to successful small-business websites. Some are obvious — such as an easy-to-remember domain name, a logo and contact information — and others are more subtle, like an online chat button or specific pattern for the content on the site’s inner pages. Thankfully, website design and marketing firm 99MediaLab offers pointers for an effective page from top to bottom, inside and out.

Check out the infographic below to learn the best features to have, as well as SEO tips and the technical aspects to consider. See if your site measures up.




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